Mixologist Academy

  • Location:Valencia
  • Since:1998
  • Graduates:25000

Imagine the bar of your dreams! Close your eyes, breathe and feel this emotion. And ... Open your eyes! How did you imagine it? Where have you imagined? What is wonderful to feel that you can live from your dream? Sign up for our introductory free cocktail class now.

I have good news for you, and no matter  how big your dream is. YOU CAN GET!  And you will be wondering ...

How can I get it?

Many people like you are living from their dream.  These people that you admire, that you follow on Instagram, that you are looking for on YouTube are living from your dream and thousands of other people that you do not know are enjoying the most beautiful part of the world of hospitality. If you have imagined, for example, working in a beach bar in the Caribbean stepping on its white sand ... I can tell you that you are not the first and you will not be the last. Because  just like the people who work there at the moment have done it, you can do it too! And more ...