Bartenders Academy Italy

  • Location:Bussolengo,Italy
  • Since:2006
  • Graduates:25000

Bartenders was born in 2006 from the idea of Marco Cosenza and Andrea Cason , two professional Bartenders who, after having collaborated in the best clubs in Italy and Europe organizing evenings, preparing cocktails and performing as flair bartenders, decide to invest their experiences and skills in a reality of their own..

So given the growing demand for private events in Italy they decide to specialize, found Bartenders snc and create what until a few years ago, but still today for many, can be defined as a new activity: the Bar catering . We can call it new because, even if before barman certainly participated in outdoor events, today the level of specialization is so high that no improvised or barman, if not organized well, can give a service of the same level, especially since the same catering and luxury hotels regularly make use of this new "Service" without getting by (even if it would be against their nature).

In 2008, given the growing demand for cocktail bar services for private and non-private events, and given the scarce availability of professionals who worked according to the professional and behavioral standards of the two partners, the company founded its own internal training center, the Bartenders Academy immediately open to the external public and with an excellent response. The new levers created by the school have thus also given the opportunity for the events part to develop better and be able to grow. Maybe this is really one of the few realities in which school gives the opportunity to work.