Italian Barman Federation

  • Location:Italy
  • Since:2001
  • Graduates:4500

The Italian Barman Federation , active since 2001 throughout Italy, is a point of reference for institutions, businesses, the world of school and training for the beverage sector.

FIB is above all a question of style: professionalism, passion and elegance are needed behind the bar counter.

Our main missions are three:

  • Educate young and old to the profession of barman
  • Spread the philosophy of conscious drinking
  • Organize national events and competitions

FIB is present throughout Italy with the regional academies and with dozens of professional training courses and advanced training masters through which it allows thousands of young people every year to enter the labor market with a qualification that transforms for the companies they hire. as a guarantee of competence and style.

Each Academy organizes courses and masters following the needs and demands of the market.