Midwest Bartenders School

  • Location:IN,USA
  • Since:1993
  • Graduates:25000

Midwest Bartenders School offers many classes to help you gain more knowledge when behind the bar serving your guests. We prepare you to be able to make over 200 classic cocktails, chat about how beer and wine get created, and how to manage your bar. Two weeks is all it takes to begin your new journey!

Many bar owners and operators start their career as bartenders. Study with Midwest Bartenders School and begin your new career in the service industry. Previous U.S. Department of Labor has said, “With the hospitality industry’s growth rate increasing, the importance of finding good employees is a high priority.”

Learning to be a bartender can help you even outside of the bar. Obtaining skills learned at Midwest Bartenders School will teach you how to manage yourself in a high-pressure and fast-paced environment. Having a grasp on the basics of classic cocktails will also assist in you creating your own drinks through modern mixology techniques. Midwest Bartenders School, established in 1993, is a fully accredited school by The Commission on Proprietary Education, a Member of the Better Business Bureau. We service Indianapolis, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, West Lafayette, Evansville, and the surrounding areas.