Bartending School of Ontario

  • Location:Toronto, Ontario
  • Since:1974
  • Graduates:25000

Of being the most recognized and Awarded Bartending School in Canada.

7-time winner of the "People's Readers Choice Award" as the best career training

They have set the standards and continue to grow with the often changing Hospitality Industry.

   Just a Little Bragging we have earned it.

With a proven track record, BSO has more graduates working in the hospitality industry than any other bartending program.

As a Registered approved and Bonded Private Vocational Schools with Career Colleges we are now grandfathered.

More people attend our bartending program than any other.

We are the most award-winning, highest certified and accredited course out there.

The Bartending School staff got to work with some amazing people and famous ones also, from consulting major movies, making the actors look like pros and feel like pros for any bar scene to organizing 100 bartenders to work on Canada Day at Toronto Island.

Did we mention some of our Awards? We are very proud of them!