Masters of Bartending

  • Location:San Diego,USA
  • Since:2012
  • Graduates:25000

Masters of Bartending Schools program provides training that demonstrates Elite when compared to next to others. Masters utilizes classic and modern-day bartending techniques with various cocktail approaches. Our style has proven to be effective in maximizing the overall bartender’s performance without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Masters of Bartending School’s founding fathers created a comprehensive bartending curriculum that satisfies the growing standards of bar and restaurant owners. Today’s bartenders are required to be proficient in sales, speed, accuracy, drink recipe knowledge, creating multiple cocktails simultaneously, cleanliness, organization, technique, and most important developing repeating customers. Like our students above did, you too can acquire these skills necessary to bartend professionally by completing the intense bartending training program. Our methods truly set our students up for success and the confidence to quickly create quality products with excellence and execution even during the most extreme levels of pressure.

Our staff consists of the highest qualified instructors that provide a clear and comprehensible lecture for all levels of learning.