Bar Master

The Official Bartending School in Israel

  • Location:Israel
  • Since:1999
  • Graduates:51250

Started 20 years ago and after many years in the best bars in Israel and in the world where we have accumulated professional knowledge in the world of bars and drinking culture, we dreamed to share our professional knowledge by opening a study institution where a first professional bartender course of its kind will be delivered in Israel.

After several months of thinking and formulating the idea, we joined Tadmor, the hotel and cooking school owned by the State of Israel, and together we established Bar Master - the official bartender school in Israel. The school was first established by Dorian Coffitt of the most senior professionals in the country and in the world, who also won the Remy Martin brand bartending competition.

The vision was to establish a professional bartender school that would train bartenders to international standards. In light of our relationships with schools from around the world, we have brought innovation to the bartender schools' industry and over the years this innovation is reflected in the fact that Bar Master is the only bartending school in Israel where students study and practice at a real bar in 8 branches across the country. Mixology practice is performed with Premium alcohol and not water and colors as usual.

Today after 21 years of activity and after training over 50,000 students we have been designated as the official bartending school in Israel