• Location:Limassol, Cyprus
  • Since:2010
  • Graduates:23250

As Alchemists we believe that bartending is much more than pouring drinks. We define
Bartending as an exciting world of mixology, creativity and inspiration. Passion and
knowledge is the key to succeed. We always teach with the standards of IBA and we
keep you up to date with the European bartending level.

Our instructors have a professional background, vast experience and numerous awards
to prove it:

Costas Nicolaides:
International Bartending Trainer (award-winning Bartender and Mixologist)

Krasi Chukov:
Flair Bartending Trainer (award-winning Flair Bartender)

Alchemy Bartending School provides the most complete and up-to-date Bartending Training Programs, both for beginners and professionals who want to take their skills to an advanced level.

After our intense training you can take your skills anywhere in the world. We have been authorized to be the official
representative Bartending School in Cyprus from IBA (International Bartending Association).