About W.B.S.A

World Bartending Schools Association

Our mission is to provide educational and professional benefits all graduates of member bartending schools, and an international meeting ground for bartenders worldwide. WBSA benefits include professional information, seminars, competitions, job search, and more. We uphold universal standards of excellence in bartending by facilitating the free exchange of news, views, and ideas between bartenders, bartending schools, and employers. 
For bartending schools WBSA offer international exposure and access to the latest training resources, methods, and curricula. It also provides an opportunity for exchanging ideas and a place to connect with faculty worldwide. Member schools can also publicize WBSA events and competitions they host, and enroll participants.
For bartenders WBSA offers a wealth of opportunities to meet colleagues worldwide, learn, compete, and display their skills and qualifications before an international group of quality employers.